For your future success

Do you have any particular wishes or needs or do you not feel at one with yourself? Maria Virchow tries to help as many people as possible to cope with their day-to-day worries and problems and finds individual solutions on the basis of a future forecast. She focuses on personal characteristics such as birthday, place of birth, profession and your specific objective or concern. Collecting this information is a time-consuming process; it all flows into her analysis.

Lessons for life:

Maria Virchow teaches you in private lessons

Make an appointment with Maria Virchow now either per telephone +49 6202 60 70 187 or +49171 20 28 442 or per email and visit her at Lessingstrasse 40 in 68723 Schwetzingen, Germany. After having agreed on an appointment per telephone, you personally meet Maria Virchow for a first consultation at her office in Schwetzingen. At this meeting, she informs you about her prices. You need to plan sufficient time (at least one hour) for this appointment, in which Frau Virchow collects information about you personally, including your objectives, wishes or problems.

At the end of the session, she gives you an overview of your current and past situation and tells you your forecast for the future. She also creates a personal talisman for you, if you wish, and shows you how to help yourself. You learn how to successfully send big and small wishes to the universe on your own, which are fulfilled within a very short period of time.

Learning for life

on one-to-one-basis

The astrologer Maria Virchow will show you in a sensitive and fun manner how you can "place an order" for your dream partner, perfect job or ideal flat, for example, by sending a wish to the universe. She teaches you to listen to your inner voice and shows you how you can positively shape your life as a result. This includes numerous practical exercises, which enable you to identify and overcome inner blockages. In the first session, you learn to send small wishes to the universe, which can sometimes be fulfilled within a period of 24 hours. In the following sessions, you send increasingly big wishes to the universe. With time, a professional is even able to send impossible or unimaginable wishes to the universe and experience personal success. The basis is a one-hour consultation with Maria Virchow. During the session, she explains the content of one-to-one instruction to you in detail and comprehensively answers your questions and responds to your needs.

Maria Virchow’s seminars (always on a one-to-one basis) also include the following:

  • The power of words, one word is the key to success
  • Genuine help with mobbing. Delivery from black magic attacks, how to be successful in your job and career
  • How to feel less powerless
  • How to escape the credit crunch
  • Experience corporate success, for managers and business people
  • Heartbreak, be at one with your inner self and, in turn, in harmony with your partner or separate in a painless manner

Cost: from Euro 500/hour (plus tax: 19%MwSt)
( 7 Euro/minute plus tax 19%MwSt)

Your advantages at a glance

You will achieve exactly what you have always wanted to achieve more quickly!
A positive impact on your overall appearance and well-being.
Personal guidance with all of your unanswered questions.
Maria Virchow

How could your wishes look like?

It’s important that you are convinced that your wishes will become true – starting with small wishes like a specific car, your life partner, your dream holiday, an expensive jewellery or a life in abundance. Big wishes are for example the passing of an examination, a good ongoing career, prestige, a future home for family, a continuous love or better weather. The completion of your wish depends on your believe, your personal hope, your honesty and your strengh of desire.

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