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Be inspired by Mrs. Virchow’s creations.
In her work she deals with abstract forms in different painting and drawing styles.
Does our life follow a certain course in which we can change something?
Use Maria Virchow's media skills to solve private and professional issues and problems
Business Consulting
Mrs. Virchow advises your company on the basis of astrology

Reliable, competent and internationally recognized

The pillars of Maria Virchow’s success are her integrity, competence and international reputation, which ranges as far as Los Angeles. She can provide you with coaching if you are searching for your own vision, facing important decisions, considering a job change, if your motivation is needing boosting or you are looking for help solving conflicts with other people. She is able to discover your hidden talents and to recognize political and economic trends. In addition she helps by discovering new paths and by coaching you right up to success.

Her clients include individuals, small- and medium-sized companies, for which she has developed complex coaching programmes, and renowned art galleries, where she exhibits her abstract, high-quality artistic works and sculptures. Explore the website to get to know Maria Virchow better.

Your desired shipment

Requests to the universe are made for interested people and people in need only in the practical self-study "help for self-help" in the premises of Maria Virchow in Schwetzingen. The cost is 500 euros per hour (net). Anything that exceeds one hour costs an additional 7 euros per minute (net). This also concerns economic and financial issues, such as Questions about self-employment, business processes or the purchase of a property. You will be accompanied as long as you want to take the help.