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Initially persuaded by friends and acquaintances that she had a special gift, Maria Virchow has been making accurate forecasts for her clients and the media both in Germany and abroad since 1978 – with a 90% success rate! Her predictions are not based on questions, but are recorded in writing following meditation and visionary inspiration.

  • 1981 – 1986 and 2002 – 2005 non-medical practitioner training programmes
  • 1981 – 2005 Kabbalah studies
  • 1978 – 2005 Ritual creation programme
  • 1978 – 2005 Cosmic ritual programme
  • 1978 – 2005 International talismanology studies

She was awarded diplomas for all of the above disciplines.

Maria Virchow can provide you with coaching if you are searching for your own vision, facing important decisions, considering a job change,if your motivation is needing boosting or you are looking for help solving conflicts with other people. She is able to discover your hidden talents and to recognize political and economic trends. In addition she helps by discovering new paths and by coaching you right up to success.

Maria Virchow always performs spiritual healing free of charge. The basic fee for a future prediction is Euro 7.00/minute (plus 19% VAT).The length of the session is discussed and fixed beforehand. The minimum length of the first session and for a detailed and comprehensive future prediction is approximately 60 minutes. If you wish to discuss business-related issues, the session will need to be longer. You have to come to Maria Virchow’s office and meet her in person. It is essential that you continue any medical treatment you are currently receiving. Spiritual healing cannot replace a doctor.

Maria Virchow does not have a large number of clients, but devotes sufficient time to all of her clients individually in order to intensively help them with their problem. During the consultation, you find out all of the information that is relevant for you – both business-related information and information concerning private matters. She gives you help and advice on various topics, for example on topics such as bullying, which requires considerable tact and sensitivity as well as complete focus on the victim. Maria Virchow does not work with computer-aided programs. All of the information comes from her personally, which is why Euro 7/minute can be considered an appropriate price. In addition, Maria Virchow has built up a good reputation as a psychic and astrologer both in Germany and abroad since 1978. In January 1993, she featured in the Los Angeles Times.

Spiritual healing directly has a positive effect on the human being as a whole – on body, mind, spirit and emotions. If people suffer from a lack or an excess of something or from energy blocks in certain areas, they are no longer in harmony with themselves. This, in turn, can be the root of an imbalance affecting well-being and health. Spiritual healing can reactivate the flow of these energies. Maria Virchow’s spiritual healing practices are driven by altruism; they activate the self-healing processes that each and every person holds within herself or himself. During the healing session, you pray silently, trusting God to guide and heal you. Maria Virchow’s healing words and the spiritual exchange enable you to look within yourself and find your healthy centre. As a result, the spirit finds the peace it needs to regenerate (“a healthy spirit makes a healthy body”). Please note, however, that spiritual healing can only be successful if you open up and accept it. Spiritual healing only provides help in addition to traditional medicine. This is why spiritual healing is free of charge. You are welcome to make a small donation if you feel the session is beneficial. After a session, clients enjoy a positive, soothing feeling, which continues for days, weeks or even years, until they feel the need to return for another session.

Spiritual healing cannot be learned. It’s a gift you either have or not.

Als seriöse, spirituelle Geistheilerin gibt Maria Virchow keine Diagnosen oder Heilungsgarantien ab. Eine Geistheilung hat mit der Allgemeinen Medizin nichts zu tun (Krankheiten werden weder besprochen noch behandelt!). Alles, was geschieht, gründet sich auf Gottes Willen. Maria Virchow unterhält sich mit den Menschen und diese berichten ihr, dass sie von verschiedenen Beschwerden befreit worden seien – ohne, dass die Astrologin und Hellseherin dies beabsichtigte. Maria Virchow ist nicht verantwortlich über den Werdegang der Genesung. As a respectable spiritual healer, Maria Virchow does not guarantee the success of her diagnoses or healing. Spiritual healing is a completely different area to general medicine (she does not discuss or treat illnesses!). Everything that happens is due to the will of God. Some of Maria Virchow’s clients have reported that they have been healed from a variety of complaints; however, it was not her intention to heal them. Maria Virchow is not responsible for this recovery.

As a respectable spiritual healer, Maria Virchow does not practise long-distance healing.

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