Maria Virchow’s path through life

Maria Virchow was born in Bari (Italy) in the 1950s. She was educated in a private boarding school from the age of three years, at the initiative of her grandmother, a teacher who already recognised her talent at a young age. At boarding school, she was taught ballet, meditation, music and art, fostering her interest in painting and art. After her education, she moved to Germany with her parents to earn money to finance her family and art studies. A few months later, she met her future husband, Mr Virchow. She had a strong, intuitive and empathic personality from a young age, and she already started to pursue her vocation of using her knowledge to help other people. Professor Aldo C., magic expert from the Milan School of Esoteric Studies, nurtured her innate talents in the following years. After studying astrology, esoteric studies and high magic over a period of 30 years, Maria Virchow was awarded several diplomas. Professor C. F. described her character with the following words: “Una mano d’acciaio con un guanto di velluto” (“a hand of steel in a velvet glove”).

Since 1978, Maria Virchow has become renowned both in Germany and abroad, appearing in numerous publications in various media such as newspapers as well as in radio and TV shows. In 1993, she featured in the article “Global Soothsayers Peer Into 1993” in the Los Angeles Times.

Today Maria Virchow’s clients include private individuals, celebrities and royal families. They all trust her reliable and goal-oriented forecasts and predictions about world events, which have always happened on the exact day she predicted them to happen. Maria Virchow is also frequently invited by banks, town halls and other institutions as well as by art enthusiasts.

You can also visit my art gallery and gain a picture of my art calendars.

Maria Virchow at a young age.
In memory of Maria Virchow’s faithful friend, a Mastiff Napolitano, who gave his life for her to protect her.<br />
In the presence of children Maria Virchow feels most comfortable. Her personal greatest happiness.
Maria Virchow 1 year after her marriage and at the beginning of her international career. Already at this time she prophesied her own career.

(„I didn’t want to become a nun!“)

An authentic story in German language. The narration helped the author Maria Virchow by overcoming her own shame, by finishing emotionally with the past and by sharing experiences in life with the readers. Concurrently, she wants to encourage to live a life with love, respect, fairmindedness and consideration.
Author: Maria Virchow
The first edition is sold out. Reprint being planned.

Important events and predictions


From mid 1978, Maria Virchow became well-known, her reputation spreading by word of mouth among political celebrities and the aristocracy. She featured in a large number of publications in magazines and newspapers as well in talk shows on the radio and TV both in Germany and abroad.

Her most striking successful predictions:
She forecast the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1979 and the exact time and day of the earthquake in China. She forecast Halley’s Comet and the unrest in North Africa and the Middle East.

She also predicted the death of John Paul I and accurately named his successor before he was appointed. In 1979, she forecast a virus beginning with the letter “A”, which was going to shock the world.

In 1980, she predicted that a new European currency would be introduced and that there would be a period of poverty from 2000, marked by growing unemployment in Germany.


29.12.1979, Maria Virchow appeared on a ZDF talk show and presented her forecasts for the year 1980. On 30.12.1980, her forecasts concerning the world and politics were acknowledged on the ZDF news. Following this success, the astrologer was invited to a large number of radio and TV shows over the following years. She also appeared on “Radio Regenbogen” in its “Ladyfirst” show on 01.11.1993, helping to find missing persons.


The article “Global Soothsayers Peer Into 1993” appeared in the Los Angeles Times, publishing predictions made by astrologers, fortune tellers and visionaries from across the whole world. Due to her experience and reputation, Maria Virchow was selected to represent Germany.


Maria Virchow took some time-out from her esoteric activities and devoted herself entirely to painting. From this point in time, she created more than 300 paintings, which were either purchased or given to private persons, clinics and galleries both in Germany and abroad. Within a short period of time, Maria Virchow built up a reputation in the art world. A selection of her artwork can be viewed in the online gallery.


In 1999 and 2000, Maria Virchow supported UNESCO “Kinder in Not” (Children in Need) with an art calendar project, in collaboration with the Fulda Clinic. Her modern works of art and concise monthly horoscopes for all star signs were published in the calendar. The calendar was a tremendous success; as a result, the project was continued.


From 2010, Maria Virchow devoted herself to participating in art exhibitions. Maria Virchow started offering her clientele meditation journeys and lectures on the topic of magic. In these lectures, her clients learn how to send wishes to the universe,which are guaranteed to be fulfilled.


At the beginning of 2012, Maria Virchow appeared on RNF TV to make a prediction for the future of the region of Baden-Württemberg. This was followed by three articles about her in a Shaman magazine and an article in “Bella” magazine. Other press appointments are planned.


Since January Maria Virchow writes topics for every month. The subjects are matters close to her heart. A possibility to point to the force of the universe by helping to fulfill almost every wish.