Maria Virchow

Astrologer |  Artist  |  Business Consulting

Lessingstraße 40, 68723 Schwetzingen, Germany
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Maria Virchow’ successes

L.A. Times
In 1993, the L.A. Times selected Maria Virchow as Germany's leading astrologer.

In 1999 and 2000, “Kinder in Not” (Children in Need) art calendar project, together with UNESCO and Fulda Clinic.

Blaues Verdienstkreuz
In 2007, she was awarded the "Blauer Verdienstkreuz" (order of merit).

Who is Who
In 2010, she was honoured with an entry in the book "Who's who of European women".

European Almanac of Scholars
2019 Entry in the European Almanac of Scholars