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As astrologer and futurologist, Maria Virchow has built up a reputation based on her successful world forecasts both in Germany and abroad since 1978. She responds to the concerns of her clients with healing words and coaches them to help themselves. Once they are aware of the predictions about their future, they are better prepared for the ups and downs of life, and can work more effectively on their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, they can successfully master all phases of their lives, rather than looking on helplessly. If you require an individual consultation, please contact astrologer Maria Virchow personally.

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Requests to the universe are made for interested people and people in need only in the practical self-study "help for self-help" in the premises of Maria Virchow in Schwetzingen. The cost is 500 euros per hour (net). Anything that exceeds one hour costs an additional 7 euros per minute (net). This also concerns economic and financial issues, such as Questions about self-employment, business processes or the purchase of a property. You will be accompanied as long as you want to take the help.
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Maria Virchow prophesied

Wherever you come from and where you want to go, no path should be too far for you when it comes to the best possible advice (without false promises)

  • Maria Virchow sense your past, presenceand future.
  • She discover your hidden talents and encourage you to walk new paths.
  • She recognizes political and economic trends.
  • Maria Virchow coaches you to success.

Pictures of Maria Virchow – just starting her career and right at the moment: On 29. December she predicted live in a talk show on German television (ZDF) that 1980 will become the most profitable year for German economy, as well as the end of political career of Jürgen M. Predictations that should be confirmed. The first aspect was welcomed by news service with the following words: “The astrologer Maria Virchow from Schwetzingen predicted in the latest talkshow peace and security policy for Germany. That is now confirmed. We feel well!”

I place your orders with the universe!

I place your orders with the universe! Some wishes attend to our needs for a lifetime, but they don’t have to remain unfulfilled. Express your wishes to the supreme body – the universe. Maria Virchow will show you how to do this in a fun way. You will learn how to breathe correctly and how to formulate your wishes properly.

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